Thursday, 26 February 2015

February newsletter by Adam Wozniak

Faces of the ANUCC Committee

Tim Sloan-Gardner
ANUCC President

Tim has been at ANUCC since the get go. He is a great guy to chat to and can answer any of your questions about the club or general riding. Being the wattage cottage that he is, Tim also enjoys putting the hurt down at Criteriums on Wednesday nights.

Race report: Beyond Bank Duo Classic
By Adam Wozniak

The duo classic has been running for a few years now, and it is quite a unique event. The event requires teams of two to ride together for 25 or 50km (2 laps). Having done the event for the last two years it has become a must for myself and Luke.

The morning began early, driving out to the event on a fresh morning, with the weather in its prime for a cracking day on the trails. Tunes pumping all the way down the Kings highway, we were more than ready to start our 50km race. Completing registration and zip-tying number plates on, we lined up at the start. *Beep beep* went the car horn and we were off! Instant dust cloud. Everyone battling for position, the dusty wide-barred peloton hammered down the first sections of fire road. Bottleneck. Going from 10 riders wide to a single file. Once we entered the first single track it was like a loooong congo line. Having to ride together makes it more difficult to pass another team, but we managed (somehow), having a few close calls with the local trees, rocks and roots. Enjoying the sweet trails of Kowen and Sparrow we rolled along well on our first lap. Now would be a good time as any to get some tunes going. Packed with a speaker in my back pocket we fired up some motivating music and got the people keen. The great thing about this event is it is very “fun” oriented so we weren’t too fussed about trying for places. Not to say that the very fast guys didn’t turn up!

One lap down and we made a quick stop to re-fuel at our trusty yellow crate full of goodies. Packed and primed we were off again for lap two. The legs were starting to hurt but the pain was drowned out by Luke singing along to Outkast’s Hey ya!. Downing free Gu’s and other tasty delights we powered on to a dusty finish and a sausage sizzle at the line. Another year, another Duo and what a great time we had!

Photos by Talentspotter (on Flickr)

All photos thanks to Talentspotter with more photos of the event at:

ANUCC Member Survey:
Just a reminder about the member survey available at the link below. We’d like to know what you like a lot and what you might not enjoy so much about the club. By filling out the survey you can help make the club more enjoyable!

Canberra Cycling Club (CCC) Road Race Series:
With only a few weeks of the Summer Criterium Series remaining, you’re probably wondering “What will I do when racing ends? Where will I be able to put the hurt on others and enjoy the rush that is racing?!?! Do not fear! The CCC Road Race Series kicks off on the 28th of February with a Scratch Race at Urriara Homestead. These races are usually around 60-80km depending on what grade your in and are a great way to stay in shape as the weather becomes cooler. More details can be found here, including a roster of racers for the rest of 2015: