Friday, 3 July 2015

June newsletter by Danny Chak and Adam Wozniak

Faces of the 2015 ANUCC Committee: Luke Connors – Club Captain
The club captain, Luke commonly reps stylish Rudy's and a stunning sock tan. If you have any questions about the club or riding in general feel free to ask Luke for advice. He is especially talented in climbing and descending mountains. Luke enjoys nothing more than a post-ride brew and he can be found drinking short macs on weekends.

Majura Pines re-opened!
After a few years of closure, with deforestation and majority of the lower trails being demolished, it was thought that Majura Pines would never be the same again. And it’s true. Even after it was reopened recently for mountain bike use, the trails are not the same. They are so much better. Although some things haven’t changed. The flow is there, and the fun is definitely there!

The biggest difference is the section of concrete which now separates the two “sections” of the pine forest. On the side closer to Hackett there are new black diamond Cross Country trails known as Larry and Barry, an improved Downhill trail and the much loved “flow track” which admittedly has been the highlight of the pines revamp. The older tracks further down which connect up to Winery hill have had a makeover too with new lines and berms to aid cornering. Rumour is Auto Alley will be back to it’s former glory with the addition of more rocks, more roots and more hairpins in the coming months.

On the other side of the concrete are the dirt jumps, a pump track and a slightly tamer beginner track. There is also a newly installed water fountain so you can fill up mid-ride. All the trails are now signposted, so watch out for those ‘NO ENTRY’ signs!

MTB Madness
Coinciding with Majura being re-opened, ANU Cycling Club is running mountain bike rides on Saturday mornings at either 0730 or 0830 (time will be finalised through Teamer invitations). These rides are pretty fun with a quick stop at trail heads to make sure we have everyone. Anyone is welcome, so round up your mates for some fun in the forest!

ONYAbike Canberra Mechanic Top Tip

At ONYAbike Canberra we have three busy workshops and our mechanics see bikes in all sorts of conditions. 

Lately we have been seeing a lot of suspension forks that have not been serviced regularly, leading to serious damage being done to the fork stanchions, also called uppers. With lack of servicing the fork seals can dry out to the point where dirt and grit enters the fork and begins wearing the surface of the metal fork stanchions around the top seals. This then allows any remaining oil/grease to leak out of the fork top seals, further accelerating the wear. Sometimes this can be terminal for the suspension fork, as the cost of purchasing replacement uppers can be almost as much as the cost of a new fork!

As well as servicing your forks keeping them clean is a good place to start. After every ride, wash the bike with a bike friendly wash. If you don’t have time, use a clean soft rag to wipe any excess dirt off the stanchions and from around the top seals of the fork.

Tour de France Night
The annual TdF night will be held again on Saturday 25 July 2015. We will be showing a movie and running a quiz before sitting back and watching the big guns battle it out on Alpe d’Huez (stage 20). A flyer with further details will be circulated soon.

Upcoming ANU Awards Dinner
The ANUCC awards dinner will be coming up in early August. We will keep you posted on details, but pencil a note in your diary and dust off your dressing-up clothes (the things you wear when not in lycra).

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

ANU Blues Awards

Congratulations to Ailie McDonald who was last night awarded a 'Full Blue' at the annual ANU Blues Awards ceremony.

A Full Blue Award is the highest sporting accolade that can be awarded to a student-athlete at The Australian National University. They are awarded to athletes in recognition of their outstanding sporting achievements and for enhancing the reputation of University Sport.

The full listy of winners can be found here.

Friday, 26 July 2013

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