Thursday, 23 April 2015

March/April Newsletter by Danny Chak

Faces of the 2015 ANUCC Committee – Gerard “Gerry” Elias
So who is this man?
Gerry is ANUCC’s coach for all disciplines of cycling and is the go-to-guy for advice about everything bikes. Through his jolly and approachable nature, Gerry is always keen to talk about race tactics, training on and off the bike and will always keep an eye on you to see that you are progressing.

Cycling through Winter 2015
Lets face it, winter sucks. No matter how much you like the cold and tell others you like it, you’re lying to yourself. Cycling through winter is hard; often wet and more than likely you will end up with numb fingers, noses and toes. Although, us hardened cyclist know it doesn’t matter about the weather, it about what you wear. See last winter’s newsletters for what to get to keep you riding through winter. And once your prepared and toasty warm, here are some activities and ideas to get you through winter!

Cruise-y Sundays
In 2015, ANUCC will be holding a slightly slower bunch in conjunction with the usual Sunday bunch. This bunch is ideal for newcomers to the sport who have some road riding experience. A reminder will be posted via Facebook, so stay on the lookout if you’re keen!

The dreaded G word. The gym is only for people who wear T-back singlets, drink protein shakes and post fitness statuses on facebook right? Wrong! Going to the gym through winter and hitting those core muscles for cycling can greatly increase your power output and stability on the bike come summer. Don’t worry about the image of gym junkies; you can still do a 250m faster than they can ;). ANUCC members can receive a generous discount on their ANU gym membership, so now you’ve got no excuse! (Email for more details)

Base kilometres and Winter Road Racing
Grab a few mates, and hit up the long rides through winter! Having been through a few Canberra winters, motivation is key for riding in winter. When you’ve got someone waiting for you at the front of your house, it’s amazing how fast you can get out of bed and get on the bike. My record is 6 minutes, ask Adam Wozniak! A good tip is to get up and get on the bike before sunrise. Sunrise represents the coldest part of the night and if you’re nice and warmed up on the bike before sunrise, you’ll avoid the brunt of the cold. Route wise, the Cotter-Uriarra loop is a favourite. If you’re not morning-inclined, give the CCC road racing and time trial series a shot! Full details are available on their website.

New ANUCC Forum
We’ve got a new forum! The forum allows members to organise anything like rides and ideas and even suggest what to do for the weekend. There is definitely for room for expansion so head over to for a look and sign up!

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Volunteers needed - 2015 Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Women and Juniors Tour

Registrations are now open for the 2015 Peter Blackshaw Real Estate Women and Juniors Tour and we are expecting another great turnout. 

Volunteers are essential to the success of the event and their involvement cannot be described as anything but crucial. Cycling ACT invites you to come and experience this great cycling event from a unique insider's perspective and have some fun! 
All volunteers will receive: 

  • Catering
  • Training
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Certificate of Appreciation 

We are currently seeking assistance in a number of areas across the race weekend. Key Roles: 

  • Drivers & Mechanics - Lead & Spares vehicles
  • Motor Cycle Marshals
  • Course Marshals
  • Event Workforce
If you can assist, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator stating the time(s) you are available and the role(s) you would like.

Friday, 26 July 2013

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